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The Dreamhut converts easily into a child’s desk.

The Dreamhut is designed as a convertible furniture, a sleek armoire ideal for any living room, family room or bedroom. The armoire expands outward, revealing a playroom with a chalkboard, magnetic walls, folding table, windows, curtains and interchangeable backdrop with four different views: underwater adventure, fantasy, countryside and outer space.

Architects by day, parents by night - ours is a story just like yours.
An innocent question set everything in motion, “If you build houses for other people why don’t you build a house where we can play?”

“Why not?” we thought.
Like you, the reason we work so hard after all, is for them.

But their playhouse had to be special. They deserve a wonderful magical place, designed with a mission - to stimulate their imaginations and foster their creativity.

We started thinking and sketching (that’s how we do things) and came up with a fantastic idea - which absolutely, positively WOULD NEVER WORK!

So, we started over and came up with an even better idea - which was less doable than the first.

Quickly we discovered that this would require much more than a few hours on the computer.
If the project was going to fly - we needed help.

An amazing product requires an amazing team.

Architects, designers, parents, teachers and kids - everyone contributed.

The designers imagined a playhouse that could easily convert into a cabinet. The architects envisioned a modern piece of furniture made of environmentally conscious materials. The parents dreamed of a playhouse that kept the playroom clean and tidy. The teachers wanted a space to cultivate their imagination and creativity, and finally the kids said they didn’t want just one playhouse - they wanted a bunch! A spaceship, a submarine, a farm and a castle the list went on and on.

Dreamhut was born

We’re parents

Ask any member of our team and they’ll tell you without blinking that our number one goal in life is helping our kids achieve their dreams. Focusing on the types of products we wanted to find for our children has always been our way of building Yuhuhugs. Hopefully this dedication to family shows in everything we do.

We’re an international team

Europe, the United States, Asia - it’s not about the “where” but rather the “who”. By incorporating talent and inspiration from all corners of the world we hope to help create a more open and sharing world. A sparkle in the eyes of a child is a universal truth that empowers people to reach higher and achieve more regardless of the difficulties.

Founded by European experts in design and architecture

The professional team behind Yuhuhugs has been creating and developing innovative projects all over the world for over twenty years. We’ve designed and built homes, shopping centers and complete cities with an unbending commitment to quality, aesthetics and respect for the environment. Dreamhut perfectly reflects these values we’ve been honoring for so long.

The reason we started this project

Like you, we refuse to box our children into a tiny world caged within the bounds of one glass screen after another. Kids need to learn that by envisioning and expanding their horizons they are taking crucial steps toward living amazingly productive lives. This truth lead us to realize how few of life’s most important skills are being taught in our schools and how few tools parents have to help prepare their kids for the realities of life. That’s why we started Yuhuhugs and built the DREAMHUT.