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Play More, Be More

YuhuHugs designed a creative toy because teaching kids to dream is our #1 goal.

Created by YuhuHugs, the Dreamhut comes with tools parents can use to guide their children to explore their creative side. YuhuHugs.com offers a creative toy with activities, games, fun lessons and storybooks.

Play is an essential activity for every child.
The skills we acquire as kids guide our achievements as adults.
The most important lessons in life aren’t taught in a classroom.

“Teaching my kids to dream is my #1 responsibility.”

Dreams are the fuel that blasts rockets into the heavens. Dreams are the inspiration behind every new discovery. Dreams are the force that power the engines of success. That's why our mission is to create unique and stimulating spaces that spark the imagination of children and foster the dreaming of boundless, wide-open and never-ending dreams.

Values make all the difference.

Yuhuhugs is dedicated to creating adventures built on the values of equality, diversity, respect for our environment and individual responsibility. We work daily to help our children become the adults our country requires - strong, independent, honest and brave - adults who will know there's nothing greater than striving to make your dreams come true.

Our story began with a question and has evolved into a labor of love.

Of course we love great design.

Clearly we believe in environmental respect and quality manufacturing.

Without a doubt we plan on creating a vibrant business.

However, all of this comes second.

Yuhuhugs and Dreamhut are about playing more and being more. Our kids - and yours - deserve every “leg up” they can get in order to propel them towards the amazing lives ahead of them.