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The Dreamhut is a playhouse, a stylish piece of furniture, toy storage and classroom.


Our playhouse directions explain how the armoire expands outward, revealing a playroom with a chalkboard, magnetic walls, folding table, windows, curtains and interchangeable backdrop with four dreams: submarine, castle, farm and space.

Tech Specifications

A dreamhut isn’t just a playhouse. It’s a space designed for cultivating the most important life-skill your child will need - the capacity to dream. When not in use your Dreamhut becomes an elegant cabinet that you’ll be proud to have in your home.

                            Wardrobe to playhouse
                         Technical Characteristics

                         138 Kg
                         Wardrobe size:
                         3.97 x 1.97 x 4.79 ft
                         Playhouse size:
                         3.97 x 5.56 x 4.79 ft
                         Age of use:
                         from 3 years old

We chose Scandinavian birch plywood because of its strength, warmth and durability. The laminate layer provides extra protection making our pieces longer lasting.
The inside of the right door is a magnetic chalkboard to facilitate creativity and play with the included magnetic figures and games. The inside of the left door has a special magnetic covering to facilitate play with the magnetic figures and games that come with your Dreamhut.
Folding table that opens and closes.
Circular Window
Circular window that opens and closes so you can easily see Yuhu & Hugs. On one side it has a practical fixture for holding your tablet device. On the other it has a mirror.
Magnetic Sheet
The inside wall of the Dreamhut is magnetic so you can easily change your Dreamhut's "dream".
Magnetic Stickers
Your Dreamhut comes with a wealth of options for personalization. Place the magnetic stickers wherever you like.
When they need to “get away” all they need to do is close the curtain and escape to their own special place.