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What is a Dreamhut?

A uniquely designed space where dreams are born and creativity is cultivated.


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                                            yuhuhugs chech Sadly, the most important life-skills aren't taught at school.
                                            yuhuhugs chech The increasing "electronification" of play inhibits the development of creativity and imagination.
                                            yuhuhugs chech Playing more and better cements the foundation for their future.
                                            yuhuhugs chech Kids need their own space that is designed to stimulate their own natural play.

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Your kids will never tire of their Dreamhut because it’s easy to change the dream.

Dreamhut doesn’t use those horrible vinyl stickers that are impossible to put on correctly or move around later. Instead we have created magnetic panels that are quickly and easily put in place. Each dream comes with its own collection of fun creatures, games and accessories!
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Your play area will always be neat and tidy.

Dreamhut is so easy to open & close.

When not in use your Dreamhut becomes an elegant European designed cabinet that you’ll be proud to have in your home.

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 They can comfortably watch a movie on their tablet.

Your Dreamhut incorporates a handy custom-designed support for your iPad or Android tablet. You don’t have o worry about it falling out and getting broken.




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When they need to "get away all they need to do is close the curtain and escape to their own special place.

Remember the urge to hide in your own world? Kids need to foster that sense of independence and freedom. And yes, Moms are allowed to hide in their too!







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Make your Dreamhut as special as you are.

Your Dreamhut comes with a wealth of options for personalization. Place the magnetic stickers wherever you like. Draw on the chalkboard or color on the erasable surfaces. Remember, this is where their dreams are born!

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 Interact with friends playin the magnetic games.

The unique magnetic surfaces allow your kids to play all sorts of fun games. By peeling and sticking the pieces in place they not only exercise their imagination but also increase their manual dex






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While your Dreamhut waits for 'the next generation'

Like Puff, your Dreamhut plays on long after your kids have moved on to “other fancy stuff”. That’s why we’ve specifically designed your Dreamhut to convert itself into a practical wardrobe while it awaits the arrival of another batch of dreamers to captivate and enthrall. To make the wardrobe even more useful, the ceiling of the inner box of the Dreamhut can be adapted into a practical shelf using the included hardware. Not only is your Dreamhut a dedicated place for imagination and creativity, but is also an innovative designer piece of furniture that evolves and adapts to each phase of your family’s needs.




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